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Lectures and workshop in Panama & Miami

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How to draw manga


Panama city, miami USA




In Panama City, Panama on March 8 and 9, 2016, followed by the United States in Miami on March 11 and 12 days, respectively, gave a lecture about the multiple times of Manga workshops and manga and anime every day. From March 7, including moving day up to 14 days, was the event of the total stroke eight days. For which is one manga and anime of the typical culture of Japan, I know a lot deeper into the people overseas, it was the purpose of going to increase comics fan, Japanese fan.
The contents of the lecture was something like the following.
Manga Industry Overview
- The importance of the cartoon as a business
- Why manga and anime is accepted in all the world? The secret ...
Do-manga artist is going to draw a cartoon in what process?
In particular, we talked about the characteristics of the business of comics that are not well known abroad.