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Name TSUJITA Yukihiro

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Joint Research Theme

Transdisciplinary developments of serious board games on SDGs

Joint Research Organization Name

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Research Period


Joint Research Summary

A research on the SDGs is being rolled out globally, it has not penetrated the general public.
A study was conducted using board games as a way of communicating to the public and working to understand and participate.
The research and practice of the following two main things.

1) Game Jam.
We held a competition to create a board game. Participants are given a role, a goal, and a period of time to accomplish it, and through role-playing for table talk RPGs, they can digest the theme and even suggest a solution.

2) Board games.
Play a "serious" board game to simulate real-life situations.
A board game that includes real world problems SDG-wise in the rules, world background and winning conditions.
Learn about the situation in the world through games.